Honda Civic Hybrid Now in Malaysia  

Honda Malaysia just launched two newly model for local market, Civic Type R and Civic Hybrid. While the Civic Type R pushes for performance, the Civic Hybrid was built as a green vehicle that is gentle on the environment and yet offers an aesthetic design and driving pleasure.

The Civic Type R is priced at RM199,800 and Civic Hybrid, RM162,800.

ps: I wish to own Civic Hybrid, but with price RM162k, monthly installment should be RM1500 ++ per month. So, just forget it for now...haha

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  • iEn  
    7:50 AM

    waa lama tol xnaik honda civic, last time penah duk dlm keta pon masa ien kecik2 dulu.. honda civic first edition kot.. yg mcm keta mr.bean. hikhikhik.. perubahan mendadak makin lawaa!

  • izali  
    7:38 PM

    sik baik ko x mintak aku belikan...ekekeke

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