Nokia's E90 Communicator Just Launched in Malaysia  

Finally, after a long wait new communicator E90 just launched in Malaysia. Smaller than 'giant ' 9500 model it brings quad-band GSM, WiFi, and HSDPA radios along with a 3.2 megapixel camera with flash. Read more.

Those who are communicator fan, you can grab this business smart phone at RM3800 as shown at local newspaper.

ps: almost 1 month my salary....uhuhuu. Mission Failed!!

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  • iEn  
    8:31 AM

    huehueheuehe.. cantik enpon?? nak beli untuk ien eyh??? ien tunggu wakakaka... Pakcik nak kaler camno lak toow :o

  • izali  
    3:32 PM

    x jd beli la...mahal sgt, uhuhuuu....

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