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Bila sedang surfing tetiba terjumpa laman web seorang Usahawan Internet yg berjaya. Sebelum ni pun saya buat tak endah je kenyataan2 macam ni, tapi bila baca artikel pengenalan beliau, saya sudah mula berfikir. Lihat artikel pengenalan beliau:

Hi to all my friends! You can call me Aston. This year (2007) I’ll become 25, and I make average $100 - $200 revenue per day through this internet! In this age, I manage to earn $100 - $200 per day, I wonder how much will I earn for next 2 or 3 years! All the money I get are come from 80% of my profit that I make through this internet just by using my special technique that I learn and study from my 5 years experience in Internet business.

So, are you interested to hear more on how I can make that much kind of money with just sitting on my chair and surfing internet 3 – 4 hours every day? If your answer “Yes”, so you’re on the right path now in starting the fastest way to make money by using internet! Now my goal is to earn about $1000 per day just from Google Adsense Program!

So are you interesting on what I do with my online business? Keep reading...

Hello to everybody,

There are 600 million people on the Internet. At least 125 million of them are looking for ways to generate
CASH online. Don't you think that if a seven figure income internet marketer can do it online, that you can do? You first must believe that you can.

I don't think you will be able to find people like me who can teach you the essential inside secrets to earning a ten thousand dollar a month income while working from home.

There are many businesses, that I participate in, because I believe in multiple streams of income. Once you learn the automation principles I teach for free, then it is easy to grow multiple business over the net and get your phone ringing or your email box full with people contacting you that want to join your business or buy the products you represent!

That is seriously how it works for me.... I get emails and calls everyday from people who want to work with me. Am I the kind of person you think you could learn from?

Remember, I used to be a laid off guy 7 years ago that new zero about marketing online. In the start I was no expert when it comes to marketing, but after many years of hard work I do know how to make well over 1 million dollars year in and year out!

When you chose to join with me, I share everything I've learned in this manual that I call "My Fully Loaded Secret Strategy - Extended Version"!

Untuk baca lanjut tentang kejayan beliau boleh melawat ke http://www.jemput.com, Kalau tak silap saya, beliau pernah ditemuramah oleh akhbar The Star.

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