Embed Slide Show with Picasa Album  

ni my 1st try embed slideshow gambar anak2ku, rupenya tak sia2 aku download Picasa Web Album nih.

So, sesiapa yg nak embed slide show ni sila ikut arahan berikut:

1. Download Picasa Software. (Boleh klik kat atas sebelah kanan)
2. Upload gambar.
3. Pilih album.
4. Klik Embed Slideshow
5. Copy n' Paste di blog / website

Senang tak??

Lagi 1, aku suka Picasa nih sbb:

1. senang upload, upload banyak2 tak payah klik satu-persatu.
2. 1GB storage - kira ok la.
3. boleh upload ke Blogger - ni yg besh

More info about Picasa Web Album:

Check out some of the things we’ve recently launched. We’re working hard to make Picasa Web Albums better, and to add new features as quickly as possible. Is there a feature you’d like to see? Let us know!

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You can now share photo albums in your chats with the Google Talk Gadget. Paste a URL from Picasa Web Albums into your chat, and you can scroll through a slideshow of the album right in your conversation.

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