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Planning to upgrade my pc.....aiyya


Intel PIV 631 3.06/PIV 641 3.2GHZ Rm 223 /258
Intel PD925 3.0/935 3.2/945 3.4G Rm 288/318/595
Intel C2D 1.80/2.0G (E4300/4400) Rm 419/489
Intel C2D 1.86GHZ(E6300/6320) Rm 590/598
Intel C2D 2.13/2.4/2.67GHZ Rm668/798/1138
Intel C2Q 2.4GHZ(Q6600) Rm 1958
Intel Celeron D 2.8/3.06/3.2GHZ Rm 138/168/189
AMD Sempron-AM2 3.0/3.2/3.4G Rm 105/125/139
Athlon64-AM2 3.0/3.2/3.5GHZ Rm 169/195/229
AMD X2 3.6/3.8/4.2 (AM2) Rm 245/279/358
AMD X2 4.6/5.2/6.0GHZ (AM2) Rm 415/595/858

Motherboards: Pentium IV- S478:

S-478 ASrock/MSI (V,S) Rm 158/168
S-775 Asrock 775J65/945G-DVI Rm 148/245
S-775 Intel D946GZISSL/945ZAB Rm 288/325
S-775 Intel DG965RYCK/ D965LTCKRm 368/365
S-775 MSI PM8M-3V/Asrock 775 Rm 158/258
S-775 Asustek P5PE-VM/P5VD2-X Rm 185/245
C2D-Gigabytes 965P-DS3/N650Sli Rm 448/578
C2D-Asustek P5B/P5W DH DLX Rm 448/898
C2D-Gigabytes N680ISLI Rm 1228

AMD S-754 /S-939Motherboard:

S-754 MSI K8MM-V/K8NGM-V Rm 175/225
S-940 ASUS M2N-E/M2N-E SLI Rm 358/358
S-940 MSI K9NL-Neo/Ultra Rm 298/355
S-940 Asus M2N-E/M2N4-SLI Rm 368/435
S-940 ASUS M2N32-SLI Rm848


PC667 Kingston DDR2 512/1GB Rm 59/108
PC553 Kingston DDR2 512/1GB Rm 62/109
PC667 Corsair DDR2 512/1GB Rm 79/138
PC400 Kingston 256/512/1GB Rm 69/125/235
PC333 Kingston 256/512/1GB Rm 79/145/268
PC133 Kingston 256/512 Rm 105 /198
PC333 Kingston 512/1GB NB Rm 148/315
PC533 Kingston 256/512/1GB NB Rm 68/115
PC667 Kingston 512MB/1GB N.B Rm 65/118
PC667 Corsair 512MB/1GB N.B Rm 89/148

Handy Drive:

1/2/4GB Kingston T 1 Rm 36/58/125
1/2GB Kingston Mini Fun Rm 42/68
1/2GB Kingston Mini MIGO Rm 43/69
1/2GB PenDrive Mini Rm 39/65
1/2/4GB Toshiba Comaichi U3 Rm 40/68/138
1/2/4/8/16GB Corsiar Rm 48/85/148/315/480
1/2/4GB Sandisk Skin/U3 Rm 41/70/148
1/2/4GB Imation FlashGo Micro Rm45/78/139

Memory Card: SD,CF,RMMC,XD ,MiNISD:

512/1/2GB Kingston SD Rm 28/39/65
512/1/2GB kingston MiniSD Rm 35/48/78
512/1/2GB Kingston CF Rm 38/49/82
512/1/2GB Kingston Micro SD Rm 29/42/115
512/1/2GB Kingston MMCM Rm 39/69/139
1/2/4GB Sandisk SD Rm 39/65/158
1/2GB Sandisk MiniSD Rm 39/65
512/1/2GB Sandisk M2 Rm 79/115/188
512/1/2GB Sandisk M.Stick Rm 85/110/198
512/1GB Sandisk XD Rm 85/125
2.5” NoteBook Hard Disk Drive:
60/80/120GB Western.D 8MB VE Rm 153/179/245
80/120GB Seagate 8MB Rm 180/245
40/80/120GB Samsung 8MB Rm 139/185/252
80/120/160GB Seagate SATA 8m Rm 185/248/355
80/120/160GB Western.D SATA Rm180/245/345

2.5” Moble Storage External Drive:
60/80/120GB Slim Portable U2.0 Rm 159/192/265
60/80/120GB Hoga Backup U2.0 Rm 185/218/286
60/80/120GB Areson USB2.0 Rm 192/225/293
60/80/120GB Tsunami Action Rm198/235/298
60/80/120GB Slim SATA USB2.0 Rm 198/225/295
60/80/120GB Rock 2.5” Fast Rm 205/238/308
40/60/100GB Maxtor Touch Mini Rm 248/288/389

3.5” Hard Disk Drive7200Rpm (8MB)

80/160/250GB Maxtor 2M/8M Rm 139/175/218
80/160/250GB Western.D JB Rm 142/183/215
80/160/250GB Seagate 2M/8M Rm 138/178/218
320/400/500GB Western.D 16M Rm 268/385/485
250/320/400GB Seagate 16MB Rm 238/285/420

3.5” SATA 7200Rpm HDD Drive:
80/160/250GB Western.D SATAIII Rm 141/185/219
80/160/250GB Seagate SATAII Rm 155/180/2225
160/250/320GB Maxtor SIII 8MB Rm 179/223/278
250/320/400GB W.D SATAIII 16M Rm 225/278/398
250/320/400GB Seagate S3 16M Rm 238/288/420
500GB W.D /Seagate SATA 16MB RM 485/525

Video Cards: nvidia chipsets
128/256MB FX 5500 AGP Rm 139/178
128/256MB FX6800/FX7300GT AGPRm298/348
128MB Forsa FX7100/7300GS PCI.E Rm 155/205
256MB AsusFX7300GE/7600GS Rm 248/378
256MB ASUS EN8500GT/8600GT Rm338/538
256 Winfast FX7300GT/7600GT Rm 268/398
256 MSI FX8500GT/8600GTDDR3 Rm318/520
256MB Winfast FX8500/8600GT Rm 358/518
256MB Gigabytes FX8500/8600GTRm365/515
256MB WinFast/MSI 8600GTS Rm698/718
320/640MB Winfast PX8800GTS Rm 1198/1598
320MB MSI O.C /Asus PX8800GTS Rm 1288/1358

Video Cards: ATI Chipsets:
128MB ATI 9250SE/9550Se Rm 115/165
128/256MB ASUS 9250/9550AGP Rm 128/188
128/256MB Palit X1050 PCI.E Rm155/188
256MB Palit X1550/1650Pro Rm248/358
256MB ASUS X1550/ X1650Pro Rm 278/368
256MB Palit X1950Pro/Sapphire Rm598/638

FDD& CD-Rom&DVD Drive, Combo:

1.44MB Mitsumi/Sony Rm 19/20
52x Sony/LG/Samsung CD-Rom Rm 45/46/45
16X Samsung/LG/Sony DVD-Rom Rm 65/63/67
52/32X LG/Samsung/sonyCD-RW Rm 65/66/69
52/16X Combo Samsung/LG/sony Rm 88/92/89

DVD-Burner Drive Int & Ext:
18X Samsung/LG/Sony OEM Rm 99/98/99
18X Samsung/LG/Sony BOX Rm 102/107/109
18X Imation /Panasonic SATA Rm 108/138
18X Asustek DVD-Burner Rm 128
16X Samsung/LG/ LG LITE E Rm 258/268/288 16X Imation/Sony Ext DVD-B Rm 278/395

ADSL Camera:
PC Camera/Camera1.3GHz/Prolink Rm 30/55/68
Logitech Quick Go/Family Rm 79/89
Creative Vista/Instant/IM Pro Rm 79/128/189
Micosoft Vx1000/VX3000/VX6000 Rm 99/178/288

56KModem & ADSL Modem :
56Kps Prolink/Aztech/USB/EXT Rm 17/18/75/78
Aztech 208U USB/Zyxelt Rm 60/125
Aztech 605E/605EU/308ER Rm 84/88/125
Aztech 605EW/Prolink/Belkin Rm205/195/265
D-Link 500T/D-Link 504T Rm 99/155
D-Link 2640T /3Com All in One Rm 215/298

AP-Router,Wireless Card & PCI & Router:
54G Belkin/Netgear/Prolink AP-R Rm 148/145/155
D-Link DI524/Linksys/3ComAPR Rm 148/178/235
D-link DWL630/G510/G122 Rm 98/105/98
54G Prolink/Aztech /Arnet USB Rm 59/59/68

Medium ATX USB/Design Rm 56/59
Power Logic M400/M500 Rm 68/78
E-Master Black/Light 450W Rm 88/98
AVF Black 400/450Watts Casing Rm 98/118
Power logic Utopia1100/1200MX Rm 115/125
CoolMaster Centurion 331&PSU Rm 258
Cool Master Centurion T-05/Ammo Rm 185/258
Gigabytes ZX2 /ZX1 350W Pure Rm238/288

15” Digital/17” Digital /Philip Rm 215/245/285
15”/17” samsung 794S/794MG Rm 285/328/380
15”/17” LG 1550/710E/T711S Rm 285/318/378

LCD TFT Screen:
17” Benq 75G/ViewSonic 1703W Rm 528/525
17” Acer 1717/Samsung 732N Rm 545/585
17” Philip 107/19” Philip 190S7 Rm565/688
17” LG 1753S /19” Acer 1916W Rm 565/598
19” LG 1952T DVI /1953 Rm 655/698
19” LG L1900Ring 2ms/1970HR2ms Rm 798/798
19” Samsung 932B/940BW Rm 710/815
22” Acer 2216W/Dell 228W Rm 888/898
22” Samsung 226BW/LG 226WTQ Rm 1150/1168

Standard /Wireless Keyboard :
PS2/USB/Samsung Keyboard Rm 9/15/18
Logitech Classic/Deluxe Rm 28/38
Samsung/Microsoft Combo Rm 38/55
Logitech Deluxe Combo Rm 58
Microsoft Wired/Curve KB Rm 30/55
Microsoft Wireless OPT 700 Rm 118

Standard & Wireless Mouse:
P/S 2 Mouse/USB/Optical Rm 6/8/12
Prolink/Color Optical USB Rm 15/20
Samsung/Logitech Optical Rm 28/38
MS Compact/Wheel Mouse Rm 45/48
MS Wireless OPT3000/4000 Rm 98/128

USB/Creative S370/LogitechR20 Rm 18/85/89
Altec L. ACS120/121/221 Rm 59/98/185
Altec L. ACS ATP3/VS4121/2321 Rm 175/228/195
Altec L. VS 2121/VS4221/MX5021 Rm 188/398/588

Canon IP 1880/3300/5530 Rm 168/328/698
HP D1360/D2360/D4160 Rm 145/165/245
Epson Stylus C59UX/C79/R230 Rm 178/235/458
Panasonic KXP1121/Espon LQ-300 Rm 388/438
Konica 1400W/Canon LBP2900 Rm 255/428
HP1020/P2015/2600N Colour Rm 458/1298/1298

All-IN-One Printer:
Canon MP160/MP510/MP530 Rm 285/748/968
HP F380/C3180/C4180 Rm 280/375/555
HP PCS 4355/5610/7580 Rm 345/515/1198

Benq 5800 USB/Umax/Microtek Rm 158/148/198
Canon LIDE 25/3000ex/4200F Rm 245/268/398
HP2400c/G3010C/4850c Rm 265/458/728

10/100MB Cnet/Prolnk/D-Link/SMC Rm 15/18/22/18
5/8Port Cnet Switch Rm 48/65
8/16/24P 3Com Switch Rm 110/198/398
5/8/16/24P LinkSys Switch Rm 68/85/208/328
5/8/16/24 Port D-LinK Switch Rm 58/78/125/255

MS Windows XP Home / XP Pro Rm 295/485
MS Windows Vista Home/Premium Rm289/378
MS windows Ultimate Rm 289/688
MS Office Basic/SBE2007 Rm 548/758
MS Office XP 2003/Pro 2007 Rm 985

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